Release 2.0.1 changes
  • Extended CriteriaResult about blob methods (returns byte[] array)
  • Test profile for MySQL within test module and additional tests
Release 2.0 changes
  • New Spring module with Pageable support and bean property mapper
  • New test module with examples on Spring Boot and H2 in memory database
  • Possibility to use custom SQL query on each part of NativeCriteria
  • Fixed some minor bugs
Release 1.4 changes
  • Removed logback implementation (client can provide own logger implementation)
  • Upgraded hibernate to 4.3.8.Final & other dependencies to newer versions
  • Changed a little API (from NativeCriteria#getResultAsList to NativeCriteria#criteriaResult)
  • Integration with Travis CI
Release 1.3.1 changes
  • Fixed missing JOIN statement for FULL OUTER JOIN. The missing join does not work correctly on some databases
Release 1.3 changes:
  • Removed apache commons dependencies
  • Added OracleUnicodeDialect and SQLServerUnicodeDialect classes which supporting NVARCHAR types in older Hibernate version and newer databases (see problem descriptions at here and here)
  • Upgraded Google Guava dependency to 17.0
  • Upgraded Hibernate dependency to version 4.3.5.Final
Release 1.2 changes:
  • Added CriteriaResultTransformer interface
  • Migration to logback as logging implementation (from log4j)